Department of Defense Directive (DoDD) 8140 Compliance


What is Department of Defense Directive (DoDD) 8140?

Department of Defense ( DoD ) Directive 8140 is a training, certification, and workforce management directive which replaced its predecessor, DoDD 8570.

Who is Required to be Certified?

DoDD 8140 requires IAT workforce members (anyone with privileged information system access performing IA functions within the U.S. government) to obtain specialized industry certification. The training, certification, and workforce management requirements of DoD 8570.01-M apply to all members of the DoD IA workforce including:

  • Full and Part-Time Military Service Members
  • Defense Contractors
  • Civilian employees with privileged access to the US Department of Defense information systems (IS)

How Can I Get Certified?

For organizations looking to be compliant with the new standards, WillCo can help. With low perpetual user license fees and highly praised service and support, WillCo’s CyberStar®️ remains the largest and most capable workforce cybersecurity compliance and tracking software in use today.  Simply fill out the form to the right and a WillCo representative will reach out with options and details for your certification.

Why WillCo?

WillCo developed and implemented the largest contract ever of its type for the US Army to bring them in compliance with this directive. With nearly one million active licenses servicing the Army and over two million total licenses issued, WillCo has become the largest provider of this type of technology in the Federal government.

With nearly a decade at the helm of the largest of its kind compliance monitoring contract, WillCo has again taken the lead in meeting the promulgated standards of the new Cyber Workforce Compliance Tracking and Certification requirements released in DoDD 8140 in draft form in 2017, which replaces DoDD 8570 and brings the Defense Department closer to the standards in use by the civil components of the Federal Government under the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) framework. This major overhaul of the tracking and certifications of a much broader and diverse set of training standards and regiments required WillCo to develop more complex mapping, tracking and reporting tools to meet the ever expanding changes in DoD’s cyber workforce.




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